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2024 Clash of Clubs – E40 Evaluations (Day 1)

E40 – Day 1

Curnesha Taylor | 5’8” / G | 2025 Memphis Elite Daniels 2025 E40     

Curnesha is a certified bucket-getter. She put on a show vs MD23xMelo E40 on day one – scoring the ball in so many ways. At about 5’8” with size and a solid handle with the ball in her hands. One of her super powers is the ability to attack the basket – using her body to absorb contact and finish at the rim. A versatile player on the defensive end, being able to match up with different positions. Also showed quick defensive instincts, rotating to the ball and playing the passing lanes turning great defense into easy offense. On the perimeter, shoots the ball with confidence and is pretty reliable. Suffered a scary fall in game one but returned to the game and didn’t miss a beat – tough competitor. 

Joniya Lewis | 5’9” / F | 2025 Memphis Elite Daniels 2025 E40    

Joniya is a versatile forward that showed her active nature and athleticism. Crashes boards religiously and secured rebounds like a pro and can push the break. Is a willing passer and gladly gives the ball up to guards. Has a solid midrange jumper and can go to work by initiating the shot-fake to get defenders up, then drives to the basket and finishes strong. High basketball IQ that plays well with others and plays to compete and win. 

Presley McPherson | 5’5” / SG | 2025 Memphis Elite Daniels 2025 E40    

Presley is a poise guard that remains controlled even when pressured. Has a high basketball IQ that takes quality shots and can get to the basket if needed. She made an impact in the first game of day 1 vs MD23xMelo E40 hitting 4 three-pointers effortlessly. Her nickname is “Automatic” because when she shoots it, you can count it. 

Amaya Harris | 5’8” / SF | Wood Elite 2025 E40    

Amaya has a strong presence about her. She is confident in her game, knows she can do whatever she wants on the court. Solid off the dribble and poise runs the play exactly how coach drew it up. Defensively her presence is evident, playing with high energy and quick instincts. She has quick hands and knows how to get her paws on the ball for steals. Willing passer and finds teammates. 

Senai Camper | 5’8” / SF | Wood Elite 2025 E40   

Senai is a versatile player, strong and capable of making a huge impact on the court. Off the dribble she doesn’t hesitate to attack gaps and get to the basket. Shifty, changes direction in traffic and sees the floor to make the pass to open teammates. When at the basket she is strong and uses her body to finish through contact. Defensively she is active and plays with energy on and off the ball. 

Emily Jeanglaude | 6’0” / F | FGB Gold 2025 E40   

Emily is a long, versatile player with good hands and finishing ability around the rim. Sets good screens and rolls to the rim with purpose. On the block she is able to play with her back to the basket and has pretty good footwork, has a good touch and can score over the top. She also showed that she is shifty and can create off the dribble.

Trinity Harris | 5’5” / G | FGB Gold 2025 E40   

Trinity is a floor general that controls the pace of the game, sets the tone for her team and gets others involved. She is quick and shifty off the dribble – uses her powers to attack and keep defenders on their heels. A willing passer, and has a good understanding of how to play basketball. Has over 1000-points in her high school career, so she knows how to put the ball in the hoop. 

Dominique Boone | 6’2 / C | FGB Gold 2025 E40   

Dominique is a long and versatile player with loads of potential. She uses her length to sky over everyone for rebounds. Is strong with the ball and can handle pressure when it comes. She had a series of big plays down the stretch of her first game vs Athelite and made an impression. Also has the ability the shoot and make the outside 3-point shot. Her versatility also includes handling the ball and being creative off the dribble. 

Meredith Jaime | 5’7” / G | Skyhook International 2027 E40    

Poised guard that runs the show and controls the pace of the game. Impressed me with her aggressive nature driving to the basket and her ability to finish in different ways. Has a high basketball IQ and is a willing passer. Scores in transition. 

Addison Bryfczynski | 5’9” / SF | Legacy Hoops Elite 2026 E40

Fierce competitor, high-energy, and strong defensive presence are a few character traits to describe her on the court. Off the dribble she plays aggressive and knows how to use her body and play with contact. Has quick handles and can get out of pressure situations as well as push the ball in transition. Strong finisher at the rim and knows how to take her effort on defense and turn it into offense. 

Kaliyah Taugasolo-Wilks | 5’8” / G | Legacy Hoops Elite 2026 E40

Versatile defensive player that can guard multiple positions. Has quick lateral movements and knows how the pressure the ball and cause turnovers. Offensively, knows how to put the ball on the ground and get to the basket, sees the floor and will find an open teammate. If she can maintain a consistent energy on the defensive end, Kaliyah will make a huge impact on the court.

Abigail Harmon | 6’1” / PF | Legacy Hoops Elite 2026 E40   

Long, versatile post player that can attack off the dribble. Good size and mobile. Defensively Abigail is active and protects the rim – using her long arms to take vision away and cause tough shots in the paint. 

Willow Dorsey | 5’7” / PG | Lone Star Magic 2026 E40     

Floor general that sets the tone offensively for her team as well as defensively. She is scrappy on the ball, has lateral quickness and plays the passing lane – electric, contagious energy. Stretches the floor and can hit the outside shot as well as attack the basket. High basketball IQ, takes care of the ball and makes plays for others. Has speed and scores really well in transition. 

Olivia Klanac | 5’9” / SG | SMAC Future 2025 E40     

Olivia is a long, versatile perimeter player with winning qualities. An active, high-motor player that can guard multiple positions due to her athleticism and length. Handles the ball well and can initiate the offense effectively when needed – a willing passer with accuracy and handles pressure. Olivia’s super power is her shooting ability – feet set, hands ready, quick release and flow. She was consistent and showed that she is a lethal threat from behind the 3-point line. 

Caitlyn Holmes | 5’8” / PG | SMAC Future 2025 E40     

Floor general. Pace-setter. Play maker. Leader. Are a few characteristics to describe Caitlyn’s game. Smooth and under control; but, aggressive and explosive. High basketball IQ and skilled with an impressive understanding of how to make her teammates better and find them when they are open. Off the dribble she is shifty and explosive but doesn’t waste a bounce, dribbling with purpose and within the flow of the offense. Defensively Caitlyn has energy on and off the ball and showed another side of her high basketball IQ, work ethic, and quick instincts. 


Sayler Peck | 6’0” / PF | Lone Star Magic 2026 E40    

A solid post player with some versatility. In the paint plays strong and uses her athleticism to elevate over defenders to score with a nice touch. Defensively she can guard multiple positions and does a good job protecting the rim. 

Laila Manuel | 5’7” / PG | Cyfair Elite HTX 17U E40   

Quick dynamic guard, controls the pace of the game and competes to win. Defensively, she is active and puts a lot of pressure on the ball, rotates to spots and plays the passing lane, scoring in transition in bunches and makes a great impact to her team. Can shoot the outside shot, attack the basket and finishes before the defense gets set. 

Hailey Lambert | 6’0” / C | Lone Star Magic 2026 E40

Young talented post player with potential – long, with size and athleticism. Active around the rim with good footwork and strong rebounding skills. Hailey is a rim protector and runs the floor for easy buckets. 

Kayliss Walker | Post | 2026 The Sisterhood Benson E40

Kayliss has a strong motor, plays hard, and provides the team with toughness. She operates effectively out of the high post with her playmaking and scoring ability. Finished plays through contact and delivered accurate passes to cutters. Kayliss also showed her ability to handle the ball in the open court and finish plays herself off the dribble. 

Sayler Peck | 6’0” / PF | Lone Star Magic 2026 E40    

A solid post player with some versatility. In the paint plays strong and uses her athleticism to elevate over defenders to score with a nice touch. Defensively she can guard multiple positions and does a good job protecting the rim. 

Erica Perkins | Guard | 2026 TTG FreeAgents E40

Erica worked the pick and roll effectively, playing with good poise and patience. It was a mistake for defenders to go under the ball screen because she’s a threat from three-point range off the dribble. She also showed her ability to shoot the mid-range off the dribble as well.

Eboni Donaldson | Guard | 2026 TTG FreeAgents E40 

Eboni is a poised guard who doesn’t rush or play in a hurry. She has a high basketball IQ and consistently makes winning plays. When playing point guard, she effectively runs the team and understands how to manage the game. She can shoot the three off a pin-down and is an accurate passer. Defensively, she forces opponents into tough shots when guarding the ball.

Anaya Perry | PG | 2027 Stingers Basketball Association E40

Anaya is a confident player with who plays with swag. The combo guard rebounds well for her position on both ends of the floor. She can shoot the three in transition, attack off the catch, and get to the rim in less than three dribbles. She also excels in catch-and-shoot situations from mid-range and beyond the arc.

Jayla Yonkers Guard | Guard | 2026 Team ISO EYCL

Jayla is scrappy player that plays with a motor. She consistently connected on jumpers off the dribble or in spot-up situations. She can attack off the dribble and get to the rim in the half-court or in transition. Defensively she stayed active when defending the ball using her length.

Kendri Broughton | Post | 2026 Team ISO 

Kendri does a great job using her body to control the paint. She is a physical player that does a good job of getting position for defensive rebounds. A good help defender that makes it tough on the offense that comes into the paint. Kendri demonstrated excellent footwork and patience on the low block. Her patience allows her to read her defender and the help when making a move and her footwork puts her in position to score easy baskets.  

Pazilera Sanders | Guard | 94/50 Family Renegades NE2K

Pazilera is an athletic guard who thrives in an uptempo game. Her defensive athleticism was evident, as her quickness and anticipation disrupted the offense. Forced turnovers allowed her to get out in the open court and make plays. In the half-court, Pazilera showcased her slashing ability, finishing in traffic and through contact.

Mila Spencer | Wing | 2026 Capital City Ballerz

Mila was scoring in a variety of ways for her Capital City Ballerz team. She connected on a couple of the spot-up threes and showed she could handle the ball in transition. In the half-court she looked to attack the defense off the dribble. Taking the ball strong to the basket she was able to the rim and finish.