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2024 Clash of Clubs – E40 Evaluations (Day 2)

E40 & NE2K – Day 2

2024 Abany Deng | 6’2” / F | Genesis Basketball 17U E40   

Athletic forward with impressive length and raw talent. Effective at using her reach for deflections, blocks, and rebounds. Her length makes a difference on the defensive end – changing shots and making players think twice of shooting around her or pay the price of getting blocked. Shows ability to push the ball in transition and excels in scoring off second chance opportunities with strong moves around the rim. 

2027 Camryn Carter | 5’11” / F | SA Lady Hoops Navy E40   

Camryn is a standout post player who excels in fighting for position on the block and finishing through contact, thanks to her solid footwork. She has an exceptional sense for tracking the ball off the rim, making her a highly effective rebounder. In transition, Camryn demonstrates good ball-handling skills and decision-making, knowing when to push the ball and when to pass under pressure. Additionally, she has a smooth, confident outside jump shot with excellent flow, adding versatility to her offensive game.

2025 Nyashia Barnes | 5’7” / G | SA Lady Hoops Navy E40    

Nyashia is a 5’7” guard with a high basketball IQ who plays under control and remains composed under pressure. Defensively, she shows quick instincts and offensively knows how to handle the ball exceptionally well – making her a valuable all-around player. Nyashia is able to score in bunches and make big time plays from attacking the basket to hitting the outside shot. Her smooth, consistent jump shot stands out, offering range and clutch performances.

2025 Kaitlyn Raguso | 5’8” / CG | NY Extreme Red 17U E40     

Kaitlyn is an active, dynamic type of player that makes a major impact on the court. She has quick instincts and great court awareness. Defensively she pressures the ball with active hands and turns steals into transition points. Her outside shot is smooth and she knows how to connect the ball with the bottom of the net. She plays with high energy and her motor gives her an advantage when playing.

2025 Madison Handrahan | 5’8” / PG | NY Extreme Red 17U E40    

Madison is a floor general with a competitive attitude. She remains under control when pressured and is able to still make good decisions. Three-point threat and is consistent; also able to put the ball on the floor and get to the basket. Plays with pace and keeps things organized on both sides of the ball. Leads by example. 

2025 Amaya Richardson | 5’10” / SF | FGB Gold E40   

Amaya is a versatile guard with size and strength. She can guard multiple positions on defense, and operate in different roles on offense. One of the ways she is useful that goes unnoticed is her screens on the ball – solid and legal. Also, her ability to put the ball on the floor makes her a threat on the court. Her size and strength allows her to play through contact and finish at the rim. 

Serena Rosas | 5’11” / F | FGB Gold 2025 E40   

Serena is an adaptable player. Her presence on the court makes her team better due to her impact when playing. She is long and uses her length to set good screens, get blocks/deflections, and rebound. Her high basketball IQ and willingness to share the ball with teammates create a flow within the offense, and much credit goes to her. Serena will also surprise you with her ability to get to the basket and finish in different ways. 

2026 Deena Holmes | 6’1” / C | B2B Elite BlueJays E40   

Deena is a young, talented post player with potential. Her ability to move off the ball to the correct spots for rebounds and put-backs make her invaluable. Strong, good footwork, and a tough attitude are some characteristics to describe Deena’s game and she will continue to develop and get better. 

2025 Kamyra Barber | 5’10” / SF | B2B Elite BlueJays E40   

Kamyra has a high basketball IQ and does a lot of things the right way. Her competitive attitude and spirit is contagious and it makes a big impact for her team. Battling through injury, she showed what toughness looks like. Her outside shot looks good and she shoots it with confidence. When gaps open up, she doesn’t hesitate to attack to score or create for others. 

2025 Camille Torrence | 6’1” / F | THS 17U Team Spaz E40   

Camille is a versatile player that can do several things well. Her effort on the court reflect her competitive nature and high basketball IQ – she plays the win. At 6’1” she is able to guard multiple positions, play inside and out, and control the pace of the game if needed. Her mid range game is pretty good and displayed the ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the basket, then make her free throws.

2025 Rezia Castillo | 5’7” / PG | THS 17U Team Spaz E40   

Rezia is a shifty point guard with some good qualities. Good handles and can control the pace of the game. When lanes open up she attacks the rim and can finish at the basket and over the defense. She can stretch the floor and hit the open shot but definitely at her best with the ball in her hands attacking the basket. 

Ruke Ogbevire  | 5’7” / PG | 2025 THS Team Spaz 17U    

Ruke is a dynamic guard with a knack for handling the ball creatively against defenders. She maintains good court vision and protects the ball under pressure. She also displays the ability to play off the ball and hit the open outside shot. Her athleticism benefits her on both sides of the ball. Defensively, she uses her quick feet to apply pressure and make active rotations. Offensively, she drives to the basket and finishes with control. She is a fierce competitor who gives maximum effort on the court.

2025 Rihanna Deleon | 5’7” / SG | 2025 THS Team Spaz 17U    

Rihanna consistently proves her worth as one of the league’s top shooters. She is genuinely outstanding, excelling as a shooting specialist who reliably makes open shots and can drive to the basket. Her high basketball IQ complements her skills, but her exceptional shooting ability sets her apart from most players. Though her shooting gets your attention, Rihanna has good size and when attacking the gaps she finds a way to finish even with contact. 

2025 Logan Young | 5’9” / G | Cyfair Elite OKC 17U   

Logan is a versatile guard who can also play post due to her athleticism. She excels at grabbing rebounds and finishing above the rim. Scores in bunches and thrives in transition buckets – patient and knows how to draw the foul or use fakes and her footwork to control the defense. While quick and agile, her mid-range jump shot is a key strength of her game.

2026 Danika Pendley | 6’ / F | Cyfair Elite OKC 17U   

Danika effectively battles for block position, handles physical play, and finishes well. She can catch at the high post and create off the dribble, utilizing her face-up game to see the floor and drive to the basket. Defensively, she is locked in and gives maximum effort to stay in front of opponents and protect the rim. In the open floor Danika has a few tricks up her sleeves and showed her crafty skills to evade the defense and score in transition.  

2025 Megyn Meekins | 5’8” / PG | Lone Star Magic E40     

Megyn is a solid point guard – floor general with a winning attitude. When the ball is in her hands good things happen. She has a high-basketball IQ and has the confidence to control the pace of the game. She is not afraid to lower her shoulder and attack the gaps and get to the rim. Finishes well in different ways.  Shoots the outside shot with precision and accuracy. 

2026 Bralyn Peck | 6’2” / C | Lone Star Magic E40    

Bralyn is a skilled post player mixed with a ton of effort and hard work. She has size and uses it to body defenders at the block, and good footwork to get creative around the rim. Scores in bunches in many different ways – in transition, second chance opportunities, and more. That’s just a testament of the hard working energy she brings to her team and the high-valuable nature of her as a player. 

2025 Bree Hubbard | 6’ / F | Lone Star Magic E40   

Bree is an athlete. Good size, mobile, and brings good effort. She is a willing passer that helps the flow to an offense – patient and waits for the right opportunity to attack the basket. She hunts second chance opportunities such as rebounds and loose balls – not afraid to battle and fight for the ball. When attacking the basket she is effective, using her body to absorb contact and finish. 

2025 Madison Hughes | 5’10” / CG | Memphis Elite Daniel’s 17U E40     

Madison is a versatile guard with size and strength. Very skilled and plays with patience and confidence. Defensively, Madison has an unassuming skill set – quick instincts, and long arms to get steals, deflections, and rebounds. Shifty off the dribble and uses her size when attacking to absorb contact and work in traffic. Solid footwork in the post and knows how to expose the mismatch against smaller defenders. 

2025 Keyiona McDaniel | 5’8” / CG | Cyfair Elite HTX 17U E40   

Long, athletic, and smooth off the dribble. Aggressive but under control. She showed that she can get a bucket when a bucket is needed. Massive wingspan that gives her an advantage when finishing at the rim and while on defense. 

Victoria Morris | F | 6’4 | Houston United Bobby NE2K     

Victoria used her body and size well to get position on the block for post up or for a rebound. A nice touch around the basket in traffic and a defensive presence makes Victoria an impact player for the Houston United team. 

Catelyn Le | PG | 5’2 | 2025 |Houston United Bobby NE2K     

Catelyn is a quick PG with a nice handle. She understands pace and tempo and keeps her team flowing without being out of control. When aggressive, she can break the defense down off bounce and make plays. A spot up shooter that connects from three, she also gets out in transition and pushes the ball well for a lay up or make a play for a teammate. 

Micah Coalson | PG | Alabama Southern Starz 17U Hooks NE2K     

Micah is a solid point guard with a good motor and fundamental skill set. She gives great effort on defense and will make the ball handler work hard to advance the ball. She made some big plays down the stretch to seal the victory for her team. Her ability to attack the basket in transition and in half court, as well as make free throws down the stretch makes her a PG you can trust late in the game.

Sarah Amos | Post | Alabama Southern Starz 17U Hooks NE2K       

Sarah showed toughness by playing contact. Despite being fouled, she was still able to score the ball with a soft touch. She’s not just a back to the basket player. Sarah can also operate out of the high post. She was great at reading the on-ball defender during pick and roll. She rolled hard to the rim and showed she could finish the play by catching passes on the move and in traffic and scoring the bucket.

Shalexia Little | Guard | 5’9 | 2025 |Alabama Southern Starz 17U Hooks NE2K     

Shalexia knows how to use her athleticism to her advantage. She played fast but under control. She did a good job defensively pressuring the ball and anticipating passes in the passing lane. Can really show her game in transition, but can also post up and slash to the basket in the half court. A tough task to defend when she gets shoulders downhill and shows the ability to finish through contact. 

Reese Power | Point Guard | 5’9 | 2025 | I Am Basketball NE2K       

Reese is a player that gets her team going as she goes. A scoring PG that can also get others involved when she attracts multiple help defenders trying to stop her from getting to her spots. A versatile scorer who can get a bucket on all three levels. It can be in transition, in half-court off the dribble,or attacking closeouts.

Diamond Frazier | Guard | 94/50 Family Renegades       

Diamond plays with good tempo, maintaining speed without rushing. When she got her feet set when spotting up, she  connected from long distance at a high percentage. She also drove to the rim and finished effectively in traffic.

Jailyn Williams | Forward | 5’11 | 2016 | Inspir8tion Basketball NE2K       – 

An athletic forward who is a versatile defender who can switch and guard perimeter players effectively. She’s a good screen setter and can shoot mid-range jumpers. As a disciplined post player, she won’t force shots on the block. She takes time to read the primary defender before making her move. She also has the ability to grab defensive rebounds and pushes the ball in the open court.

Madison Wilson | Forward | 6’0 | 2025 |  Iss Juss Us NE2K       

Madison excels at positioning herself around the basket to be a threat when she catches the ball. She moves well without the ball and is excellent at diving to the rim on ball reversals. With great hands, she catches several passes on the move in traffic and still maintains a soft touch to finish at the rim. Madison showed she can also step out and shoot the three.

Caitlin Wilson | Post | 6’0 | 2025 | Iss Juss Us NE2K       

Caitlin was dominant around the basket, rebounding on both ends of the floor and scoring several baskets off offensive rebounds. She did a lot of the dirty work and displayed a soft touch with both hands around the basket. She was able to deliver on target interior passes to a cutting teammate.


2025 Daphna Steinmetz | 5’5” / G | NY Extreme Red 17U E40   

Daphna is a quick 5’5” guard who excels at defense, effectively stopping and containing the ball while staying in front of her opponent. She has deep shooting range, effortlessly stepping into shots, and demonstrated the ability to make crucial baskets in key moments.

2025 Hannah McDonald | 5’4” / G | SA Lady Hoops Navy E40   

Hannah is a dynamic defender that prides herself on pressuring the ball and causing the handler trouble. Her lateral quickness, active hands, and anticipation allows her to slow down the ball and give her team time to set. Offensively, Hannah is an aggressive style player – explodes into gaps and to the basket. She is quick and can change directions, mainly with her spin move and floater in traffic. 

2025 Leah Mitchell | 5’4” / G | SA Lady Hoops Navy E40   

Leah is a smooth point guard that displayed some explosiveness off the dribble. At 5’4” Leah showed that she isn’t afraid to get into the paint to score with a high floater or dish it to an open teammate. Beyond 3-point land Leah will shoot it and can hit the open jump shot. 

Kimari Mikell | Post | 6’0 | 2025 | Houston United NE2K     

Kimari had a strong presence down low, especially in the second half when it mattered most. She scored several baskets on the low block; even when the defense would front her, Kimari was able to seal off the defender to receive the pass for the easy finish.

Jakayla Glover | PG | 5’5 | 2026 | Houston United NE2K     

Jakayla is a steady point guard who consistently made plays for her team. Despite her team being down double digits in the second half, she continued to fight and lead her team back into the game. She was quick and caused havoc on defense while effectively penetrating the lane on offense. She did a great job leading and staying poised.

Jada Parsons | Wing | 5’11 | 2026 |Inspir8tion Basketball     

Jada is an athletic wing who can defend multiple positions. She really showcases her defensive ability during team presses, flying around the court and anticipating passes. Her offensive ability is really shown when her athleticism is on display. When she can get out in transition or slash to the basket, Jada becomes tough to contain.

Jakenzye McBride | PG | 5’3 | 2026 Inspir8tion Basketball NE2K     

Jakenzye is one of those point guards that will get after you on defense. She pressures the ball well  and causes havoc on the ball handler. With the ball in her hands she plays with good pace and tempo. She’s also a great playmaker who delivers on-target passes to her teammates for easy buckets. 

Addison Penziol | Guard | 5’4 | 2026 | 2025 City Elite Supreme NE2K     

A point guard that communicates with her teammates is a great addition to any team. It keeps the team together and on the same page. She has a nice handle, shoots the three and her motor keeps her active on both ends. 

Kennady Alexander | PG | 5’4 | 2025 | BIQ NE2K     

 Kennedy is a solid point guard that makes high IQ plays. A pass first player with a strong fundamental skill set. She manages the game and runs the team like PG should.

Kennedy Jones | Guard | 5’8 | 2025 | BIQ NE2K      

Kennedy is a good athlete that can slash and score off cuts. She did a good job of spacing the floor in half court to connect on open three. Has a quick change of pace crossover that gets her into a mid range jumper. Plays with great intensity defensively. 

Lillian Hansen | Post | 6’0 | 2025 | I Am Basketball NE2K     

Lillian is a solid post player who can stretch the floor with her shooting ability. Her range extends beyond the three-point which causes her post defender to defend on the perimeter. Her soft hands gave her the ability to catch errand passes and passes in traffic.

Kobe Johnson | PG | 5’11 | 2026 | 2025 Iss Juss Us NE2K       

When you are looking for a true point guard then look no further than Kobe. She has great size and length (around 5’11) for her position and does a great job of running the team. She shows great leadership ability by communicating with her teammates. Kibe can shoot the three, can finish around the rim, and facilitate.