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2024 Clash of Clubs – E40 Evaluations (Day 3)


EYBL Coverage

2025 Aaliyah Chavez | 5’9” / PG | Cyfair Elite 17U EYBL      

The ultimate pace setter! High level basketball IQ and showed intelligence on both sides of the ball. Crafty off the dribble, deceptive, explosive, and has a strong ability to separate and create space for her shot – High-level shooter in crucial parts of the game – Clutch performer. Attacks the rim with purpose and made teammates better by finding then when they were open. Disciplined on the defensive end and stayed in front of the ball. Fun and exciting player to watch and put on a show in front of over 1,000 spectators. 

2026 Olivia Vukosa | 6’5” / C | Philadelphia Rise 17U EYBL     

Dominant presence around the rim – Strong and uses her size/length to bury defenders on the block. Good footwork with a reliable turnaround hook over the top – nice touch. Can stretch the floor and has the confidence to hit the outside shot. 

2027 Jordyn Palmer | 6’2” / SF | Philadelphia Rise 17U EYBL      

Skilled guard with size. Versatile and can guard multiple positions if needed. Athletic and showed her athleticism when attacking the basket and battling for second chance opportunities around the rim. Strong and finishes through contact. Has a post game and dominates around the rim with her strength and finishing touch. Solid midrange game, the jumper tells it all – Smooth. 

2025 Isabella Hines | 5’10” / SG | Cyfair Elite 17U EYBL     

Elite on-ball defender – active hands, lateral quickness, and maximum effort on every possession. Isabella made a huge impact pressuring the opposing ball handler, rotating on the back side and played the passing lane for steals. Has a competitive attitude on both sides of the ball and plays to win. Three-point threat and knows how to draw the foul – 3 times she went to the charity stripe because defenders overextended themselves, fouling her in the act of shooting.

2025 Rebecca Aagard | 6’3” / C | Pure Prep 17U E40   

Rebecca is a strong presence around the rim. Standing at 6-foot-three inches, she grabs your attention and her game is impressive. One of Rebecca’s strengths is her shot blocking, and ability to protect the rim. She plays with her hands up, has good timing, anticipation, and has good body control to avoid fouling. She has good size and uses it well in the post – playing with her back to the basket and finish  mover the top. Showed her mobility by attacking the basket on the perimeter and finding open teammates within the flow of the offense. 

#15 Alyssa Morris | Guard | 5’7 | 2025 | 2025 Midwest Elite Meanstreets NE2K

Alyssa is a highly competitive and confident player. I love seeing her celebrate other teammates. She gets after you on defense, playing the passing lanes well with her anticipation. Has great vision off the dribble and deliver the dime or finish herself.

#4 Natalie Doan | PG | 5’4 | 2025 | 2025 FGB NE2K 

Natalie possesses good point guard skills with her attacking and playmaking. She also showed she could finish in traffic or draw the foul. Understands pick and roll and how to make the read. Highly competitive and gives great effort on both ends of the floor.

Alexandra Waters | PG | 2030 |NY Extreme Hoops    

Very mature point guard for her age. Has a good grasp of how to run the team and manage the game. Attacks off the dribble but doesn’t force it if it’s not there. Trust her teammates with her playmaking but can also be relied upon to score. 

Kenady Barrett | Wing | 5’10 | 2028 | 2028 AAO Flight NEXXT    

High motor wing player that uses length well on defense. Good job forcing offense to dead spots on the floor that gives defense an advantage. Can create off the dribble, finish in traffic, and make plays for others. High ceiling with much more room for growth.

Arrianna Llanes | PG | 5’7 | 2027 TTG FREEAGENTS NE2K   

Came off the bench and had an immediate impact on the game. She brought energy and defensive effort that lead to turnovers and fastbreak opportunities. Arrianna ha good vision in the open court and delivers on target passes. 

Myah Knowles | PG | 5’7 | 2027 TTG FreeAgents NE2K   

One the most intense on ball defenders at Clash of the Clubs. Caused a lot of problems with her quickness and speed on both ends of the floor. Attacked off the dribble and got to the rim for the finish or could finish with the short jumper.


Zakhyia Flenoy | Post | 2030 Arkansas Lady Bandits NEXXT

High ceiling for this young player. Her size and length gives her an advantage at her position. Rebounding and defense is why she does best, but she can also handle the ball in the open court and finish around the basket. Development and skill will come with time but she’s off to a good start. 

Rileigh Miller | Wing | 5’9 | 2028 | 2027 TTG FreeAgents NE2K   

Athletic wing that can handle the ball and attack off the bounce. Uses length on defense, plays passing lanes well, and applies good on ball pressure. A threat from behind the three point line when she gets her feet set shoots with confidence. 

Raigan Wiggins | Forward | 5’8 | 2027 TTG FreeAgents   

Raigan had a big impact on the game offensively and defensively. She’s a player you don’t have to run plays for her to influence the game. Whether it’s her defense, rebounding, or toughness, Raigan had her fingerprints all over the game. She scored in transition, off offensive rebounds and by slashing.

Brylee Bonner | Guard | 5’6 | 2027 | 2027 ProSkills Houston 15U NE2K   

Gave her team a big lift in the second half. Her energy and intensity was contagious throughout the team. She connected on multiple threes and attacked the basket for finishes in traffic