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DAY #1

2025 Logan Young | 5’9” / G | Cyfair Elite OKC 17U   

Logan is an athletic guard that can play post if needed. Her athleticism allows her to get rebounds and finish over the top. She plays center court when in the press because she is able to cover ground and get deflections and steals. Logan is quick and athletic but a staple of her game is her mid range jump shot. 

2026 Danika Pendley | 6’ / F | Cyfair Elite OKC 17U   

Danika really impressed me with her consistency at her position. She is a 6-foot post player that played her role for her team. She is able to fight for position at the block, bang a little, and finish. She catches at the high post and can create off the dribble. Her face up game allows her to see the floor, and attack the basket. Defensively she is solid, able to move her feet laterally to stay in front of the ball and protect the basket. 

2025 Kaylen Igbokwe | 5’10” / F | Dream Chasers   

Kaylen is a long forward that can handle the ball in the open floor. She pushes the ball off the rebound and looks for gaps to attack the basket. She is at her best downhill and can finish with contact. Her athleticism makes her versatile – and she woke everyone up in the early game vs Cyfair Elite OKC with her chase down block that sent the ball to the other court. She is a raw player but showed that she can compete against anyone. 

2025 Trinity Huey | 5’8” / SF | Dream Chasers   

Trinity is a skilled guard that can play post if needed. What I noticed about her is her finishing ability. She is a tough player that played through some pain. I can tell she had a brace; and on day one of Heart of Texas her team only had 5 players. That didn’t stop her from attacking the basket and running the floor. When the ball was in her hands she made things happen for her team when they needed a bucket. 

2026 Victoria Escobedo | 5’10” / F | 2025 RTX Lady Hoops   

Victoria seemed to be in the right place at the right time, she has a good sense for where the ball will be. She blocks out for rebounds and quickly goes right up on second chance possessions. She is strong and fights for position at the block and has good footwork to get around defenders and finish over the top. 

2026 Milika Satuala | 5’10” / CG | 2025 Kashyyyk Elite E40    

Milika is a player that draws you in immediately. Her demeanour and presence on the court is of strength and confidence. She is a guard that plays big and is versatile – handling the ball, driving to the basket and creating opportunities for teammates. She has a high basketball IQ and understands where to be on defense. When in attack mode, she showed signs of greatness. 

2025 Taylor Workman | 5’8” / PG | 2025 Kashyyyk Elite E40   

Taylor is a point guard that plays with intensity and passion. She is shifty off the dribble and can keep defenders on their heels. Taylor plays with her head up and is a willing passer. She hit a big 3-pointer down the stretch on day  one versus Lady Athletic Elite. She will give 100% effort and plays with a chip on her shoulders. 

2025 Ayla Marston | 5’9” / G | 2025 Kashyyyk Elite E40   

Ayla is an active guard that moves really well off the ball. Her primary spot to operate is on the wing – ready hands, feet set, and quick release. She can shoot it and made some key 3-pointers down the stretch on day one versus Lady Athletic Elite. 

2027 Alyssa Morales | 5’6” / G | 2025 Cyfair Elite NM 17U E40   

Alyssa is a skilled guard with a competitive spirit. Defensively she works hard, stays low in her stance, and pressures the ball with active hands and feet. She is a slasher that attacks open gaps and can finish at the rim. She has a midrange jumper and can shoot the outside jumper as well. 

2027 Camryn Carter | 5’11” / F | SA Lady Hoops Navy E40   

Camryn is a post player that fights for position at the block, has good footwork and can finish through contact. She has a good sense of where the ball is when it hits the rim and does a good job rebounding. She can push the ball in transition but knows when to give the ball up when pressured. 

2025 Nyashia Barnes | 5’7” / G | SA Lady Hoops Navy E40    

Nyashia is a skilled guard with a high basketball IQ. She plays under control and doesn’t look flustered when the pressure comes. What stood out immediately about Nyashia is her smooth jump shot – consistent, range, fluid, and clutch. She has quick instincts on defense and handles the ball really well. I saw her hit at least 5 3-pointers on day one versus Prodigy.

2025 Christian Webb | 5’5” / PG | 2025 Prodigy   

Christina is one of the quickest defenders I have seen on Day one at Heart of Texas. She pressures the ball with quick hands and quick feet. She stays close and gets steals and deflections. She is very athletic and can rebound over post players. Her speed separates her from most point guards along with her ability to get in the paint and create. 

2025 Emily Bray | 5’11” / F | 2025 Prodigy   

Emily was able to catch my eye with her strong play around the rim through contact. She provided more value for her team by hitting the outside shot especially during crunch-time. 

2025 Danielle Oyakhire | 6’ / F | 2025 THS Team Spaz 17U    

Danielle is a long post presence that is missed when out the game. Her super power is using her length to rebound and finish inside. She is in the right place at the right time and makes herself available. Defensively she is a rim protector and makes the other team think twice about shooting around her. 

Ruke Ogbevire  | 5’7” / PG | 2025 THS Team Spaz 17U    

Ruke is a shifty guard that displays creative ability to handle the ball against defenders. Plays with her head up and takes care of the ball when pressured. She is athletic and uses it to her advantage on both ends of the floor. Defensively she has quick feet and is active, pressuring the ball and rotating off the ball. She can get downhill and finishes under control off of two feet. She is a competitor and leaves it all on the court. 

2025 Baylee Lowder | 5’11 / F | 2025 Utah Summit National 17U    

Baylee is a player that catches your attention as a coach and a scout. She does so much for her team on both ends due to her versatility. She is athletic and showed lateral quickness in the press, being able to pressure the ball and rotate when the ball is in the air for deflections and steals. She is long, rebounds, and is a presence around the rim defensively. She pushes the ball in transition and is at her best going downhill to the basket. Baylee can shoot it from outside – steps into her shot with hands ready, eyes focused on the rim and shoots with confidence.  


2025 Rihanna Deleon | 5’7” / SG | 2025 THS Team Spaz 17U

What more can we say about Rihanna? She is a stud and that is honestly speaking. In game 1 she scored nearly half of her teams’ points – with a total of 30 points versus HoopShop 17U National T Bailey. She is a shooting specialist that will hit the open shot every time and can also put the ball on the floor and attack the rim. She has a high basketball IQ, but her shooting ability separates her from most players. 

2025 Brynn Smith | 6’ / G | 2025 Incline Frenchies Navy    

Brynn is a smooth player that plays aggressive but under control. Her high basketball IQ allows her to create for herself off the dribble but also for others. She is effective driving to the basket, finishing at the rim, and stretching the floor for the outside shot. Brynn is a willing passer and can make good passes under pressure. She is long and uses her length on defense to get deflections, and steals. When pressured in the open floor, she can handle the pressure, create space off the dribble, finish in traffic or draw the foul. 


2025 Victoria Nguyen | 5’6” / PG |  2025 Incline Frenicies Navy

Victoria is a floor general that directs traffic and controls the pace of the game for her team. She sees the floor and is a few steps ahead of the defense. She handles pressure well and applies pressure on the defensive end. She knows how to attack gaps with the mindset of taking what the defense gives her. If s

he draws multiple defenders then she knows to find an open teammate, and if she can jump-stop and shoot a floater over the big, she will do that as well. High basketball IQ type of player that competes and sets the tone for her team. 

2025 Madeline Warberg | 6’ / SF | 2025 Incline Frenchies Navy    

Madeline is a versatile forward that can stretch the floor and shoot it from outside. She runs the floor and finishes well in transition. Defensively she works hard and can guard multiple positions, pressure the ball with her length, and rotate off the ball efficiently.. She can handle the ball but doesn’t force the issue, showing her self-awareness on the court

Kyana Lacour PG | TX Flames 14U GYBC    

Kyana effectively orchestrates the offense for her Texas Flames team as a point guard. She excels in pushing the ball in transition and exhibits keen vision to locate her open teammates. Whether initiating plays in transition or executing the pick and roll in the half court, she consistently delivers precise passes. As a pass-first point guard, she also possesses the scoring ability to make an impact when necessary.

Karneishia Smith | Wing | Tx Flames 14U GYBC
Karneshia is a dynamic combo guard who effectively utilizes her athleticism on both offense and defense. On the defensive end, she applies relentless pressure on opponents, using her quick hands to disrupt ball handlers. She thrives in transition, where she excels at pushing the tempo to create scoring opportunities. Additionally, her ability to execute precise passes out of the pick and roll sets up her teammates for scoring chances.

Ari Warren | Guard | 2027 Stingers Basketball Association | 5’2 | 2027    

Ari, a formidable guard, poses a threat beyond the three-point line. Excelling in the half-court, she executes the pick and roll with finesse, displaying remarkable patience and control. Transitioning seamlessly, she adeptly pushes the ball forward and demonstrates versatility by finishing with either hand, even amidst contact.

Kinley Reed | PG | 2027 Stingers Basketball Association | 5’0 | 2028    

Kinley epitomizes the term “hard-nosed on-ball defender,” earning admiration from coaches for her relentless motor. Unyielding in her defensive efforts, she refuses to relent on any play, showcasing a remarkable level of grit. Kinley’s dedication to her team’s success knows no bounds; she’s willing to sacrifice her body for every 50/50 ball, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to victory.

Alayah Bolden | Guard | 2027 The Sisterhood Bolden | 5’10 | 2027   

Alayah wasted no time making an impact from beyond the arc, coming out swinging with two early three-pointers that propelled her team to an early lead. Throughout the game, she showcased her shooting prowess by sinking shots in transition from the mid-range, further solidifying her role as a sharpshooter.

Malia McCelleis | Guard | The Sisterhood Bolden | 5’4 | 2027  
Malia is a versatile guard who excels on both ends of the floor. Defensively, she disrupts passing lanes effectively and applies intense pressure on the ball handler. Her remarkable quickness and athleticism unsettle opposing offenses, making them uncomfortable. Additionally, she demonstrates creativity off the dribble and showcases her scoring ability with precise mid-range jumpers. 

Madisen Jones | Forward | The Sisterhood Bolden | 6’1 | 2027   

Madison stood out as one of the most impressive athletes I observed on day one. With her impressive length, agility, quick leaping ability, and excellent body control, she poses a challenge for any opponent. Her prowess on the boards is undeniable, excelling in both offensive rebounding and defensive clean-ups. Additionally, her soft shooting touch enables her to power through contact and finish strong at the rim with consistency. 

Brooke Prevost | Guard | Iss Juss Uss 17U | 2026   

Brooke is a versatile combo guard who thrives in both guard positions. Her mastery of utilizing her body effectively while attacking is evident, as she adeptly exploits angles and disrupts defensive schemes. A composed player, she thrives on driving to the basket off the dribble, often creating scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates. In transition, she displays excellent court vision, delivering precise passes that result in easy finishes for her team.

Ashlynn Hollis | Forward | Iss Juss Uss 17U | 2025  
Ashlynn, a dynamic and lengthy forward, made a significant impact on the game in multiple facets. Her defensive presence was notable, excelling as a help defender by altering and blocking shots while also displaying adeptness in playing passing lanes with anticipation. Utilizing her impressive length and foot speed, she effectively defended against the ball handler. Additionally, she showcased aggressiveness on the offensive glass, capitalizing on her explosiveness and quickness to score effectively around the basket.

Caitlin Wilson | Wing | Iss Juss Uss 17U | 2025  
Caitlin’s scoring prowess stood out as one of the highlights of day one. Racking up an impressive 22 points, she demonstrated her ability to score effortlessly using various methods. Whether in transition, executing in the half-court, breaking down the defense off the dribble, or simply being opportunistic, Caitlin made scoring appear effortless and seamless.

Tamiah Harrison | PG | Vegas Elite 16U National | 5’2 | 2026   

Tamiah’s immense heart shone brightly on day one, standing out as a defensive force that caused havoc for opponents. Her tenacity and relentless pursuit of the ball made her a formidable defender. A true competitor with an unstoppable motor, she excelled in pushing the ball in transition, displaying exceptional vision and passing skills. Furthermore, she showcased her offensive versatility by confidently connecting on midrange jumpers off the dribble, further solidifying her impact on both ends of the court.


Brooklyn Miles | Guard | JYD 2026 | 5’10 | 2028    

Brooklyn possesses a strong athletic ability coupled with a solid skill set. Her court vision shines as she navigates attacks, consistently delivering precise passes to her teammates. Utilizing her dribbling prowess as a weapon, she fearlessly drives to draw extra defenders, enabling opportunities for kick-outs or finishes in the lane. Remarkably, as a promising 2028 player, she competes two divisions above her age group, showcasing her potential and determination on the court.

Madison Andrews | Storm 2025 | Wing | 5’10 | 2026    

Madison posed a significant threat from beyond the three-point line, establishing her rhythm early in the game with a couple of successful shots. Her knack for finding open spaces for both three-pointers and mid-range shots stems from her exceptional off-ball movement skills.

Lily Worthen | Forward | Storm 2025 | 5’9 | 2025   

Lily is a relentless player who consistently gives her all on the court. While she brings a physical presence on the interior, her understanding of effective ball and player movement sets her apart from other players that play her position. Her versatility is evident as she poses a threat from beyond the arc, showcasing her ability to connect from long range.

Brooklyn Owens | PG | Arkansas Team Elite | 2026   

Brooklyn adopts an assertive mindset when controlling the ball, demonstrating her ability to finish at the rim from diverse angles, whether in transition or within the structured half-court offense. Her prowess shines in transition as she adeptly changes directions to manoeuvre to her preferred spots on the court, culminating in strong finishes.

Precious Powell | PG | Team Icon 16U | 5’5 | 2026   

Precious, a fearless point guard, embraced the physical aspects of the game, willingly doing the gritty work on both ends of the floor. Not only did she display tremendous effort on defense, but she also excelled in rebounding, exceeding expectations for her position. Within the half-court offense, she showcased her ability to maintain team organization and effectively manage the game flow. Moreover, when presented with open shots, she capitalized on them, punishing the defense by consistently knocking them down.

D’Mya Eason | Point Guard | Team Icon 17U | 5’7 | 2025   

D’Mya, despite her 5’7″ stature, plays with a larger-than-life presence on the court. Her willingness to embrace physicality and engage in contact enabled her to excel as her team’s leading rebounder. This prowess in rebounding facilitated her transition game, allowing her to swiftly push the ball up the court after securing defensive rebounds. By applying relentless pressure on the defense with her attacking mindset, she created scoring opportunities for both herself and her teammates, often drawing fouls that sent her to the free-throw line.

Lauren Brewster | PG | Team Icon 17U | 5’6 | 2027    

Lauren, a dynamic point guard, exudes confidence and plays with undeniable swagger. She excels in controlling the tempo of the game, consistently looking to penetrate off the dribble to create scoring opportunities for both herself and her teammates. Despite being a freshman competing in the challenging 17U division, she displays remarkable poise and instincts, indicative of a promising future ahead.

Kaylei Thornton | Forward | Preparing Tomorrow’s Athletes | 6’1 | 2027 

Kaylei stands out as a lengthy athlete with a knack for rebounding. Her defensive prowess is undeniable, particularly evident in her exceptional help-side defense and shot-blocking skills. While displaying impressive range with her three-point shooting, she also demonstrates the ability to attack the basket directly off the dribble, finishing strong even amidst contact.

Gisselle Jackson | Guard | ProSkills Houston 15U NE2K | 5’5 | 2027 

Gisselle’s game caught attention with her dynamic pace, seamlessly blending body control and agile changes of direction to maneuver past defenders and attack the rim effectively. On the defensive end, her quick hands and anticipatory skills proved disruptive, creating turnovers and thwarting opponents’ plays.