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DAY #2

2025 Macie Upshaw | 6’2” / F | 2025 Austin Elite Rock – P. Wright

Macie is a long post player that will work on the glass and rebound. Her advantage is her ability to tower over opponents with her long arms and secure boards. On the offensive end she stretches the floor and can knock own the outside shot. She naturally plays on the perimeter and she showed her ability to face up and attack the basket and finish over the top and reverse on the other side. 

2025 Bella Dabbs | 5’6” / PG | GLM 2025 

Bella is a leader by nature. You can tell by the way she speaks to her team and her effort on the court. She is a floor general that distributes the ball well and feeds the post on a consistent basis. She can hit the open outside shot but she would rather get her team involved and taken care of. Defensively she is active and sets the tone. 

2026 Tia Fuller | 6’ / G | 2025 Truth Basketball NXT PUMA 17U 

Tia is an athletic guard that can contribute on the court in many ways. The first thing that impressed me is her ability to get to the rim and finish with contact – she was consistent in that regard. Another way she stood out was on the defensive end and her ability to apply pressure on the ball and protect the basket. 

2025 Alexis Price | 6’ / F | 2025 Truth Basketball NXT PUMA 17U 

Alexis is a long, with size and skill. She has a special shooting ability – deep range and if she is left open she will hit the big shot. She is also crafty off the dribble and can attack in the open floor.  

2025 Addison Price | 5’5” / PG | 2025 Team Trae Young – Thompson 

Addison is a solid undersized guard with crafty handles and knows how to get out of pressure situations. She is a willing passer and finds a way to see over long defenders. She is a threat from the perimeter and can knock down the outside jump shot. 

2025 Mia Adams | 5’9” / G | 2025 Team Trae Young – Thompson 

Mia is an athletic guard that can play post if needed. Her vertical jump and ability to hang in the air separates her from most players. She sky’s in the air to grab rebounds and finish over the top. Her mid-range jumper is consistent and can stretch beyond 3-point range. 

2025 Arianna Jennings | 6’1 / G | 2025 HoopShop 17U Black

Arianna is an athletic guard with length. Her ability to crash boards and get rebounds caught my eye. She is shifty off the dribble and can create space to hit the outside shot. She is a slasher and can snake through traffic and finish at the basket.

2025 Denni Lawrence | 5’6” / G | 2025 SMAC Elite 

Denni caught my eye early in the game due to her personality. She is a coach on the court and made sure her team was good and under control. When things got tough, she was the one making sure the team kept their focus on doing the things that wins game. Defensively she works hard and will guard the other teams best player, she doesn’t back down from at challenge. Though she didn’t contribute a ton in points, she contributed in other ways that mattered. She is tough as nails and will sacrifice her body to take a charge, grab rebounds, and dive on the floor for loose ball opportunities. 


2027 Melania Cornute | 5’7” G | 2027 SMAC ELITE 2027

Melania is a cool, calm, and collected player. She sees the floor well and remains under control when the ball is in her hands. She understands the drive/kick principle of team basketball and finds open teammates when driving off the dribble. She is tough when driving and showed that she can finish through contact and make her free throws. She is an athlete and doesn’t shy away from bigger players, she is a competitor at heart. Defensively she has quick instincts and remains discipline on and off the ball. She generates blocks and steals when the ball is in her vicinity, and effortlessly made an impact on the court. 

2025 Zamorah Parker | 5’9” / SF | DC Queen 2025 Black 

Zamorah is athletic and crashes the boards very well. She uses her athleticism on defense – slides her feet on the ball and rotates when the ball is in the air. She can put it on the floor and attack the basket, and showed she is a good finisher at the rim. 

2025 Jai White | 5’8” / G | DC Queen 2025 Black 

Jai is a crafty player off the dribble. She plays with a chip on her shoulders and attacks the basket aggressively. She is athletic and can slice and dice in the lane to finish. She can shoot it outside and has a solid midrange jumper. 

2027 Kyzarriah Fox | 6’ / SF | 2026 SA Lady Hoops Orange E40  

Kyzarriah is a multi-faceted player, she is versatile and can do a ton on the court. I first noticed her length and athletic ability, rebounds, deflections on defense, rim-protector – the whole nine. She can play inside and out. Showed her ball handling ability by pushing the break and creating in the half court. She finishes well and it was her post ups and footwork that showed me that she could hoop. 

2025 Callie Wilson | 5’5” / PG | 2025 Team Trae Young Thompson 

Callie is a player that continues to get better every time I see her on the court. Her handles are high-level and she knows how to handle the pressure and keep the defense guessing. She is a knock-down shooter and when she is determined to shoot it, she will hit the outside shot consistently. Attacking the gaps to the rim is something she is capable of doing and when she figures it out, she will put everyone on notice. She is talented. 


Allannah Orsby | Wing | AR Lady Bandits 17U | 6’0 | 2025    

Allannah’s impressive length affords her versatility on the defensive end, enabling her to secure deflections, blocks, and steals effectively. Her defensive prowess extends to the ability to switch and guard players across multiple positions, ranging from the 1 to the 4. Additionally, her shooting touch was on point, as she confidently connected from deep, sinking multiple three-pointers throughout the game.

E’Marriha Johnson | Wing | AR Lady Bandits 17U | 6’0 | 2025   

E’Marriha’s relentless motor and athleticism shine through on the court as she fearlessly does the dirty work. Excelling in rebounding, she consistently outworks opponents to secure possessions for her team. Her tenacity extends to the defensive end, where she plays with unyielding intensity, making life difficult for opposing players.

Catalina Anaya Guard | 2025 CyFair Elite New Mexico 17U E40 | 2025   

Catalina poses a significant threat from beyond the three-point line, demonstrating strong off-ball movement and the ability to find open teammates with precision passes. Defenses cannot afford to leave her open from long range. Additionally, she applies effective ball pressure on defense and remains composed when finishing in transition under pressure.

Dakari Hunter | Guard | Houston Lady Roadrunners 2029 | 5’0 | 2029   

Dakari brings high energy to the game, thriving on finishing plays in traffic and displaying excellent movement without the ball. With a strong understanding of the game, Dakari possesses a well-rounded skill set that contributes to his overall effectiveness on the court.

Abigail Flores | PG | Houston Lady Roadrunners | 5’0 | 2030   

Despite being undersized, she possessed an immense heart, driving her determination on the court. With a shifty handle, she skillfully penetrated the defense, creating opportunities for her teammates. Her ability to knock down open mid-range jumpers added another dimension to her game. Furthermore, she consistently displayed great effort on both ends of the floor.

Tierra Owens PG | 2025 Team Griffin Cobbins | 2025   

Tierra is a speedy and elusive guard who excels at driving to the rim and finishing amidst traffic. A dependable on-ball defender, she also demonstrates versatility by effectively playing off-ball when needed. Her keen vision and precise passing skills enable her to find open teammates with accuracy. Additionally, she exhibits strong communication skills, effectively directing her team on offense.


Jessica Cullins | PG | AR Lady Bandits 17U | 2025  

Jessica, an athletic point guard, possesses remarkable speed and agility with the ball, thriving on applying pressure to the defense in transition. She accelerates down the court, skillfully maneuvering through defenders to create scoring opportunities for both herself and her teammates. On the defensive end, she excels in applying on-ball pressure, effectively impeding the opposing point guard’s penetration into the lane.

Kirsten Johnson | Guard | Arkansas All Red 16U | 5-6 | 2026  

Kirsten demonstrated exceptional prowess in pushing the ball up the court, excelling in transition where her footwork and body control shone through in finishing at the rim. Her skillful dribbling enabled her to deliver precise passes, often drawing multiple defenders before finding open teammates. Additionally, she displayed her shooting range by sinking multiple three-pointers. Defensively, she showcased her ability to defend on the ball effectively while also disrupting passing lanes with her anticipation.

Ambreal Turner | Guard | Arkansas All Red 16U | 5’6 | 2026  

Ambreal consistently provides outstanding effort on the defensive end, utilizing quick footwork to beat offensive players to their spots. Her ability to knock down spot-up three-pointers with precision when her feet are set adds another dimension to her game. Additionally, her relentless motor fuels her performance on both ends of the court.

Mariah Jackson | Guard | 4th Quarter Basketball | 5’3 | 2027   

Mariah exhibits a fearless and aggressive approach with the ball, never hesitating to attack the defense head-on. Her relentless mentality drives her to push the ball in transition, where she excels in finishing at the rim herself or finding an open teammate with precision passing.

Yianna Drosopoulos-Hart | Wing | 4th Quarter Basketball | 5’8 | 2029    

Yianna impressively held her own despite playing three age divisions up, showcasing immense potential. She exhibits strong ball-handling skills under pressure and is adept at finishing in traffic. Additionally, she demonstrates proficiency in rebounding, contributing effectively on both ends of the court.

Brooklyn Henderson | Guard | Krush Queens Pink OKC 2029 | 5’8 | 2029    

Possessing an advanced skill set, she exhibits next-level vision and passing, consistently making precise decisions on the court. Her prowess shines in the open court, where she excels at both making plays and finishing them with finesse.

Brooke Shipp | PG | 2026 Southeast Select | 5’6 | 2026   

A tenacious defender, she consistently caused havoc for the offense with her lightning-quick hands and agile footwork. Her relentless ball pressure and ability to disrupt passing lanes resulted in creating numerous plays on the defensive end through deflections and turnovers.