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DAY #3

The Heart of Texas NCAA Live-Period basketball tournament, held from April 19-21, 2024, in the Dallas, Texas area, attracted over 220 college coaches looking to scout high-level prospects. Teams from various regions filled gyms in Frisco, Plano, Mansfield, and AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. This was the second consecutive year that the tournament was centralized in Cowboys Stadium, known for its exciting atmosphere. The event provided a platform for players to showcase their skills and potentially attract college offers. Overall, the tournament was a significant gathering for college recruiters and a competitive environment for high school teams, emphasizing player development and exposure.

2025 Destiny Jamison | 5’9” / G | 2025 DFW Hawks 17U King    

Destiny is an active player overall. She has a high basketball IQ and directs all of her energy towards winning. Defensively she is low in her stance, and rotating on the flight of the ball. She is a guard that can defend post players. She works to block out and fight for rebounds. Destiny is effective off the dribble and can get down hill to the basket and finish through contact. She has a shot from the outside and steps in to shoot with confidence. 

2025 Tori Kilburn | 5’11” / F | 2025 GOC   

Tori is a long forward with size and skill. The one skill that stands out is her confidence and ability to shoot the ball from deep – stretches the floor and is a threat with range. She has a presence inside and is capable of using her size to bang. She is physical and tough, and it shows on the defensive end – fights for position, blocks out, and will protect the rim. 

2025 Katelynn Allen | 5’8” / SG | 2025 GOC   

Katelynn is a marksman on the perimeter – a shooting specialist. When she catches on the wing or corner, if she is open – it’s going up, and in of course. She is a guard that works on the defensive end and is developing some of her ball handling capabilities. She has a high basketball IQ and makes good decisions with the ball. She is at her best when she has her feet set and she is shooting it, Katelynn does it at a high level. 

2026 Ti’Heiress Davis | 5’8” / G | 2026 GOC   

Ti’Heiress is a guard with size and strength. When the ball is in her hands she handles the pressure at the lead guard position – plays with her head up and runs the offense effectively. Ti’ is at her best when she is coming off screens and attacking the basket. She can finish through contact and hit the mid range jumper. 

2028 Brooklyn Miles | 5’10” / G | Tulsa JYD    

Brooklyn is a young raw talent playing up a few grades. Handles the ball with simplicity. Plays aggressive and knows how to get to the basket and finish. She plays tough and despite being younger than most of her competition, she does a good job playing through contact. She can shoot from deep and has the confidence to let it fly. Defensively she is quick and is usually a step ahead, fighting over the top when screened and getting deflections and steals.

2026 Jhai Johnson | 6’3” – F | 2024 Cal Ballaz E40    

Jhai is an impressive player, showcasing strong defensive awareness – along with her long, athletic build and instinctual ability to rotate off ball when it is in motion and protect the rim as needed. She displays solid ball-handling, allowing her to attack the middle and score effectively at the rim or with a well-timed floater. Her shooting form is smooth and natural, particularly from the 3-point line, adding a valuable dimension to her game. 

2026 Terria Russell | 6’0” / SF | 2024 Cal Ballaz Red E40    

Terria is a long, athletic wing player with immense potential. She excels at running the floor and scoring in transition. Defensively, she poses a significant challenge due to her quick instincts, guard-like moves, and center-like wingspan. She is aggressive off the dribble and adept at navigating through traffic. Her quick reaction time benefits her on put-backs and second-chance opportunities.


2027 Brooklyn Burnham | 5’7” / G | 2027 Arkansas Shockerz

Brooklyn showed high basketball IQ with her patience with the ball and assertiveness to attack the basket when the lanes opened. Her game is simple but effective and made an impact on the court. She has quick defensive instincts and showed her athleticism pressuring the ball and rotating off the ball. She is a willing passer and finds teammates when they are open. She can also shoot the ball but showed her strength was attacking the basket and finishing at the rim. 

2027 Sydney Hester | 5’10 / F | 2027 Arkansas Shockerz   

Sydney is a solid post player with size. She has good footwork and uses her size to her advantage – backing players down at the block and using her feet to maneuver around defenders. She finishes in the paint well and has good body control. 

2028 Kerrington Campbell | 5’7” / PG | 2027 Team Griffin LB    

Kerrington is a solid point guard that plays with a lot of energy and flow. She pushes the ball in transition with her head up ready to advance to teammates. Defensively she plays with active hands and pressures the ball with lateral quickness and effort. Kerrington has a smooth and consistent shot from 3-point land, and is developing ways to become a great finisher at the point guard position. 

2027 Gloryahnna Lambert | 5’6” / G | 2027 Team Griffin LB    

Gloryahnna is a skilled guard that impressed me with her efficiency. She is fundamentally sound with a high basketball IQ. She stretches the floor and will hit the outside shot, consistently. When she locks in on the rim it’s going up, and it’s going in. Handles are good and she is able to create space off the dribble and attack the basket. 

Sydney Deem | Forward | 2025 BC Denver 17U | 6’2 | 2025 

Sydney is capable of driving off the catch and finishing with remarkable body control, while utilizing the glass with a soft touch. She showcased strong ball-handling skills and vision, constantly seeking out open cutters for scoring opportunities. Sydney contributes effectively on the boards, securing rebounds to help her team maintain possession.

Marilyn Soeken | Guard | WKE 17U | 2025
Marilyn Soeken is a threat from beyond the arc, confidently shooting the three-pointer. She applies pressure on the defense in transition, skillfully driving to the rim with the ability to score through contact. A valuable scorer for her team, she consistently delivers points when they are needed.

Mia Hairston | PG | Team Fusion Elect | 2025
A dependable point guard with a strong skill set, she sets the defensive tone with relentless on-ball pressure and quick hands that lead to steals. While unselfish, she also possesses scoring ability, particularly as a threat from beyond the arc. Demonstrating patience and poise in pick-and-roll situations, she draws significant defensive attention due to her scoring and playmaking prowess.


Gia Campbell | PG | 2028 Team Icon 14U | 5’4 | 2028

A high-energy player who thrives on her relentless motor, she brings an aggressive on-ball defensive mentality to the game, often causing problems for the opposing offense. With quick feet and hands, she excels as a relentless on-ball defender. In transition, she utilizes her speed effectively to either finish at the rim or find open teammates for scoring opportunities.

Janae Johnson | Wing | 2028 Team Icon 14U | 5’10 | 2028

Janea is an athletic player who consistently demonstrates a high level of effort on the court. With an impressive motor, she relentlessly pursues every opportunity. Her aggressive rebounding stands out as a key aspect of her game.

Aniyah Harris | Guard | Mokan 16U Select | 5’7 | 2026

Aniyah is a natural hooper with a great feel for the game. Her exceptional change of direction and pace consistently keeps the defense off balance. She possesses excellent vision when attacking off the dribble and delivers on-target passes with precision. Aniyah plays with confidence and flair on the court, bringing a lot of swag. Defensively, she displays commendable effort and commitment to making plays.

Nailah Davis | PG | 2026 Texas Elite Royal Rockwell | 5’7 | 2027

Nailah showcased one of the most impressive mid-range pull-up jumpers of the weekend that I witnessed. She demonstrated excellent footwork and body control with a nice shooting stroke to connect on her jumpers. It didn’t matter if the defense got a hand up or not, her jumper was next level. Add her IQ and the great pace she plays with and you have a player with tons of potential that will continue to get better.

Natalie Barrett | Guard | 2026 Texas Elite Royal Rockwell | 5’7 | 2027

Natalie is a strong ball handler with a strong frame. Her frame allows her to play through contact and get to her spots on the floor. Once she gets her shoulders turned downhill it’s tough for the defense to stop her from getting to the rim. As a freshman Natalie will continue to get better and add more layers to her game.